Food Pantry

Is a community resource to distribute delicious, A?ordable, Simple, and Healthy meals (DASH meals) with a focus on nutrition to economically poor Fauquier County residents.


Weekend Power Pack

Is a collaboration with Fauquier County Public schools to ensure at-risk children have access to nutritious food during weekends, school holidays, and snow days.


Book Bag & School Supplies Program

The cost of school supplies often cause great burden on ?nancially struggling families. Fauquier FISH, with the support of the community provides hundreds of children with new book bags and supplies.


Senior Supplemental Nutrition Program

Delivers small, easy to prepare meals with a focus on dietary restrictions to seniors within the community who are unable to drive to the food pantry.


Food for Fuel

In collaboration with several other community organizations, we provide up to 6 weeks of food over a two month timeframe to free up clients