Food Pantry

Food Pantry, 24 Pelham Street in Old Town Warrenton

Open three times a week, Fauquier residents may visit the food pantry to select a week’s supply of groceries once a month. A family experiencing an especially difficult time can apply for additional assistance.

Eating well = Feeling well

What is the difference between a traditional food bank and the Fauquier FISH Food Pantry? Nutrition.

The most economically poor are also the most nutritionally poor. Our volunteer staff purchases wholesome foods to distribute that include our signature DASH complete meal kits. This focus on nutrition helps to guide our disadvantaged neighbors towards making healthier choices.

Following a complete overhaul and upgrade in 2015, the food pantry maintains a high standard. Our volunteers take every opportunity to coach food pantry clients on the benefits of eating nutritious foods and how it helps in the prevention of diet-related disease and can be Delicious, Affordable, Simple and Healthy.

Healthcare providers are invited to refer their elderly and low income patients to us. Our volunteers will work with guidelines and dietary restrictions materials provided.

Food Pantry Menus

2020 WINTER Family Food Pantry Menu

Two of our most popular DASH meal kit recipes are Broccoli & Cheese Quiche and Muffin Pan Meat Loaves. Get the Broccoli & Cheese Quiche recipe here and the Muffin Pan Meat Loaves recipe here.

Kids in the Kitchen Program

Since 2015, Fauquier FISH Food Pantry has provided clients with DASH (Delicious, Affordable, Simple, and Healthy) meal kits containing all of the ingredients needed to prepare lunches, dinners, and sides. These kits have been so popular, that during 2018, we introduced a kid-friendly version, intended to encourage children to prepare meals/snacks at home. This is a supplemental program offering food for our child clients beyond what their family is already receiving through the regular pantry menu.

Download our Kids in the Kitchen Oatmeal Energy Bites recipe here

Farm to Table DASH Meals Program

In 2018, Fauquier FISH began a partnership with the Fauquier Education Farm, who provided fresh produce to the food pantry during the summer growing season. We are continuing that partnership this year. As produce becomes available between June and October, the food pantry will again switch various shelf stable DASH meal kits over to recipes featuring the fresh produce.


Many people will feed their pets before they feed themselves. We want to ensure that both our clients and their pets are taken care of. We accept donations of both wet and dry cat and dog food.

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